More Information

What to expect when first visiting us


The first visit will consist of a thorough evaluation of your condition/injury. Depending on your condition, the evaluation will consist of some of the following:

· Consultation – gather all the information regarding the injury/condition.

· ·Body composition – to determine weight, height, lean body weight, fat% and body water.

· Flexibility/ROM – is the joint moving as it should? Is the muscle allowing enough movement?

· ·Posture analysis – an incorrect posture can be the cause and/or result of many conditions. It need to be identified and corrected as much as possible.

· ·Balance and proprioception.

· Joint (hip/knee/shoulder) stability – to determine if the joint is strong enough to withstand forces from outside as well as from inside the body.

· Core strength – very important for all conditions as well as for athletes; for injury prevention as well as rehabilitation.

· ·Muscle strength and ratio testing – to obtain an actual strength value that can be used to monitor progress, as well as to assess the ratio between left and right and opposing muscles.

· ·Biomechanical (movement) analysis – to determine whether a joint/s is moving as it should. Incorrect movement will lead to excessive forces being generated, causing insufficient movement and possible injury.

· ·Sport specific tests – test the aspects important for your specific sport (speed, explosive power, lactate threshold, etc.).


After the evaluation


Using the information gathered during the evaluation, an exercise program will be designed specifically for you and your condition. One-on-one training sessions will then commence.

Ideally, training sessions will be structured as follow:


Phase 1 – 3 training sessions per week for 4 weeks.


Phase 2 – 2 training sessions per week for 4 weeks. Exercises are now more complex and sessions are at a higher intensity. You need to do at least